Short Fiction Advent Calendar: All in One Night

16Sixteenth already! Today I’ve read All in One Night by Pavowski. I was googling holiday flashes and ended up in a site called Accidentally Inspired and there it was.

Bucky is a naughty kid, no question about that, and as Christmas arrives so does Santa. Santa seems nice enough but he does inform Bucky he’s on the naughty list and as they climb onboard the sleigh Bucky is a little nervous.

I loved this short little story. Everything comes at a price and Bucky learns that, so if you want to know at what price magic comes, pour yourself a cup and find out!


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Short Fiction Advent Calendar | Red Christmas

15How are you today? Here the snow is pouring down, if snow can do that, and it’s white everywhere. I hope it stays that way to Christmas – not that it snows but white.

Today’s story is Red Christmas by Carmelo Massimo Tidona. Someone is killing men dressed up as Santa Clause. The police don’t have any clues apart from all the murders being committed with razors.

The story is pretty good but in need of an edit. It’s free though, so if you’re in the mood for a short mystery, give it a go.


A few days before the 25th of December, a vicious killer roams the town, targeting men in Santa Claus costume. Clueless, the police gropes in the red.



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Short Fiction Advent Calendar | A Christmas Tale

14Fourteenth already! Soon Santa will be here. If you read today’s story you might not want him to come, though. A Christmas Tale by Travis Hill is what today has to offer.

I loved this. As I started reading I was thinking ‘yeah yeah, naughty kids’ but the more I read the more captivated I got until it all ended in mix of a haha and an eww – pretty good rating I have to say LOL.

I’ve seen some of Travis’s books around but haven’t read anything before this one. I’ll keep an eye on him in the future…


The three Devlin boys are in trouble, they almost happened to set the house on fire. Getting on Santa’s naughty list might have more severe consequences than missing out on toys, though.


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Short Fiction Advent Calendar | Breaking Christmas

13Today it’s Lucia. In Sweden, children are dressing up like elves, gingerbread men, and Lucia – wearing a white gown and a crown of candles, much like in the picture, on their heads.  Then they sing Christmas songs. It’s a special day.

But to today’s story. Behind door 13 you’ll find Breaking Christmas by Mark Myers.

A boy is crashing glass ornaments when a girl suddenly asks him to stop. He doesn’t want to and when she starts to pick up the pieces he tells her not to.

Breaking Christmas is a short holiday flash that only will take you a couple of minutes to read. Check it out!


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Short Fiction Advent Calendar | The Christmas Present

12Halfway to Christmas! Have fixed all your gifts?

Yesterday there was a pretty gruesome story in the advent calendar. Today I thought we’d go with something a little lighter. The Christmas Present by Laura L. Zimmerman is a fantasy flash.

Sarah is sitting on a bench waiting for Darren when suddenly the world turns upside down. Snow is falling and the gifts she’d brought are scattered on the ground. Then it happens again…

I really liked this short little story. It left me with a smile. You’ll find it on Ms Zimmerman’s website and it doesn’t take more than a minute or two to read, so get to it!


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Short Fiction Advent Calendar | Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons of Blue

11Behind door eleven we find Pretty Paper, Pretty Ribbons of Blue by Philip W. Kleaver.

This story is another twitter find. I was searching for Christmas flash fiction and this showed up. The title drew me enough to click the link and then there was a gift in poor Francis’ shaking hands.

Francis lost his wife not too long ago and can’t get into any sort of Christmas cheer now that she’s gone. But then one day there is gift outside his door, he smiles and brings it inside, and that’s how it all starts.

I liked how the story escalated, loved the notes – they made me giggle in their gruesomeness. A short little horror tale to go with your eggnog…if you’ve started with those.


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Short Fiction Advent Calendar | The Last Supper – A Christmas Tale of Horror

10You can count the number of mermaid stories I’ve read on my fingers…on one of my hands, so I thought it was time to do something about that. Take a deep breath because behind door number ten the ocean is lurking, ready to drag you down. Today you’ll find The Last Supper – A Christmas Tale of Horror by Ana C. Nunes.

A teenage boy and his family are going to stay with the boy’s uncle over Christmas. They’re served the most delicious fish but the boy sense something is off; his uncle is acting weird. When he goes to snoop around he finds things he never believed existed.

I liked the plot, I just wish the author had invested in an editor. I now know why my editor crosses out all my ‘even’ and some of the odd second language speaker things I’ve got going. Proofreading is a good thing too. Despite having Christmas in the title there wasn’t much of it. I really did like the plot, though.

The Last Supper is free on Smashwords.

Book Cover the Last Supper by Ana C NunesChristmas is a time when families are brought together, people who haven’t seen each other in a long time and who, on this day, sit together at a table, share stories, dreams, joys and a traditional dinner. But on this Christmas, one particular supper is anything but traditional. And what gets served is something very few ever get to taste.

A bored and unhappy teen in search of a late-night adventure, in a small farm near the river, will find far more than presents under the tree.

One simple meal can hold many secrets …


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