Feyla-squareO Gränd—writer of coffee break sized fiction

O Gränd is an introvert living deep in the Swedish woods. She spends most of her days staring at the computer screen and dreaming up characters. Placing her writing in a particular genre is hard, though most of her stories lean towards the dark side and they’re most often short.

She likes the challenge of telling a story in just a few pages and has had some of her works published in a Canadian flash fiction magazine.

When she isn’t caught up in her writing, she is spending time with her husband, their four kids, three cats, one dog, and a various number of fishes.

seal-1700106_640Yawn, right? Well, it’s what I officially say about myself – every writer needs to say something, it’s the law.

This site will be about short fiction; I write short fiction, short-short fiction, and the occasional flash fiction.

Why short? I like the challenge of telling a story in just a few words. I don’t mean to badmouth novels, absolutely not, but sometimes we don’t have time for a novel. Sometimes we don’t have the energy to immerse ourselves in long stories, no matter how lovely or thrilling they are. Sometimes the satisfaction of actually making it to the end before we’re interrupted by work, kids, pets, spouses etc is greater than the want to read a long book.

Sometimes all we want is to read a tale, start to finish, in the same amount of time it takes us to drink our coffee.