Friday Short Fiction Club: Face Off

Today, I’ve read Face Off: A Short Story by Rusty Henrichsen. It’s an eleven pages long tale of…well, gore I guess. Not in the blood splatter kind of way but in a build up to the point where you want to peel your face off kind of way- nice.

If you’re into insect horror, you should check it out. There is no real surprise to the story, but it does deliver what it says it will, and it’s free. So if you have fifteen minutes to spare, pour yourself a cup and feel the larvae crawl.

Book Cover Face Off: A Short Story by Rusty HenrichsenA short story based on Ray Thornton’s grisly encounter with flesh eating larvae.




Flash Fiction: Exceptional

doll-1907768_640_redigerad-1Gloria Morris was an exceptional woman on an exceptional mission who now was looking at an exceptional dress. The dress needed to be rescued. She could sense it having a higher purpose than being hidden away in this mediocre closet.

Back in the day, the scream behind her might have worried her, but now she only gripped the handles of her rolling walker and looked over her shoulder.

A woman in her late thirties clutched a towel to her chest; water dripped from her hair. Gloria should’ve heard the shower being turned off, but her hearing wasn’t what it used to be.

“What are you doing in my house?” The woman took a calming breath and wiped some water off her forehead. The perk of being old was that no one called the police right away, they merely thought she was a senile woman who had wandered into the wrong building.

“Oh, sorry. I meant to be gone by the time you got out of the shower.”


You’d think Gloria would be the one with a hearing impairment. She took a deep breath and shouted, “I meant to be gone before you got out of the shower! I only came to get the dress!”

The woman frowned. “What dress?”

“This.” Gloria held it up only to carefully fold the thin fabric and put it in the basket of her walker. “I’ll be off now.”

“What? You can’t take that. It’s mine.”

Gloria sighed and pulled her gun out of her handbag. “I’m taking it. You have a lovely day now, dear.”

Pushing the walker forward was hard with only one hand on the handle, but she couldn’t let go of the gun just yet. She didn’t trust the woman not to do anything rash.

When the front door closed behind her, she took a moment to catch her breath before putting the gun away.

To whom should she give a cream-coloured evening dress?

As she neared the bus stop, she saw a young woman in a way-too-short skirt leaning in through the window of a car discussing the price of something with a much older gentleman. Now, that was a woman who knew how to show things off.

She hurried up to her before she could climb into the car. “Here.” She pushed the dress towards her, but the girl only scowled.

“I got it for you. I know you will treat it right.” Gloria thrust it into her arms, smiled and moved away. The happiness soaring in her chest made the walk to the bus stop easy. She loved when she was able to complete a mission. One dress rescued and given to a more suitable owner.

Today was an exceptional day.

This flash was written to today’s prompt over at The Daily Post, and it is Exceptional.

Friday Short Fiction Club: The Dolly Doll

How about a little doll horror on this fine day? There is something with dolls, something that makes me break out in chills if I allow it. I remember a ghost story from when I was a kid that was about this old doll going from garage sale to garage sale and during the night her nails grew, piercing the new owner’s throat every time. Now there is one thing that freaks me out more than dolls and that is nails – I’m a chronic nailbiter despite all my mother’s attempts to get me to quit. The Dolly Doll by AWBaader doesn’t have nails in it, though.

Jacobson is playing with a doll, that’s all. Except it’s not all. This is a flash, only takes a couple of minutes to read, and it doesn’t give you many answers, but it sure left me with a shudder.

I found it on Wattpad so anyone can read it for free.

26504435-176-k857341Winner of the second prize in October’s Cult of Me flash fiction competition.


Friday Short Fiction Club: Damn

This Friday I’ve read Damn by Dan Vale. It’s one of those stories I’ve had sitting on my iPad for quite a while and never started reading.

Luke is back in his old hometown after having served a long sentence in prison, but when he comes back no one recognises him. He’s sure they’re just pretending but decides to move away anyway.

In the new city, he finds a place to live and in the beginning, everything is great. Then he starts noticing strange things like never seeing his neighbours and little stuff like that. One day he decides to investigate…

I enjoyed this story a lot and I would’ve given it my highest praise if it hadn’t been for the poor editing. I’d say read it anyway, it’s free and entertaining.

41c3quydk1lShort Story: Luke Marsden has been released from prison after a long sentence. After failed attempts to reconnect with his peers, he decides to start a new life in a new town, but is everything as it seems in this too-good-to-be-true town?



Release Post: Murder Games

My Murder Games series is finished so I’m publishing a collection including six stories.

Murder Games is about four men killing for points. Every month they receive an envelope with a challenge. Sated in the letter is a description of the victims, where or how the bodies should be placed, if there are any extra bonuses that can be collected etc. The game leader, Vanessa Hope, is keeping score on how they perform and the results are revealed in their Facebook group.

Each story in the series is a murder challenge.

I loved writing these stories, though the frozen mermaid idea was my husband’s. I asked him about creative ways to kill someone and he suggested freezing the victims…he’s a sick, sick man LOL.

You’ll find all the Murder Games books on Amazon, they’re in KU.

MurderGamesCoverHow many murders do you need to commit to score the highest point?

Josh Ingram, Neil Preston, Derek Lynch, and Jeremy Rice have one thing in common—they all know a woman they’re willing to kill for. Vanessa Hope has put a group of players together. Each month she sends out an envelope with a challenge, the man able to perform a murder best matching her description gets the highest point.

This is a collection of six short stories in the Murder Game series.

Picture-Perfect Murder
Frozen Mermaids
Murder in the Morning
A Perfect Murder
Hell Hath No Fury
The Last Ticket


Friday Short Fiction Club: Orange, Black and Blue: A Sudden Story from Snapdragon

Today I’ve read Orange, Black and Blue: A Sudden Story from Snapdragon by Jack Kardiac. I’ve had it for a while, and while scrolling through my list of unread stories, I thought I remembered thinking I really wanted to read it when I downloaded, but then, of course, something got in the way.

So, this is the day when it finally happened. I sat down and read 11 pages and I did enjoy it. There is a reason for it being called a Sudden Story. When I read the ending I had a Ha! moment, definitely worth reading.

Pour yourself a cup and get to it (it’s free on Amazon).

41yciei5mmlA starter single from the pages of Snapdragon.

When fate finally catches up with him, a former baseball star makes a desperate, last-minute play for freedom.

Written for fans of Alfred HitchcockRichard Matheson and The Twilight ZoneSnapdragon features seven original stories to sink your teeth into.



Friday Short Fiction Club: I Dare You To (A Horror Short Story)

It’s the first Friday of the month and I thought it was time to start with the Friday reads posts again. This week I’ve been trying to understand Wattpad… I’ve heard about Wattpad several times during the years but somehow I always assumed it was kids writing fan fiction. Nothing wrong with that, but not really my scene either. Then I was talking to a writer friend of who said it’s not like that at all, that there are all kinds of stories there.

I created an account and tried to figure out how to do things, and therefore I thought today’s post would be of a Wattpad story.

I Dare You To (A Horror Short Story) by @disgxsting is, as the title reveals, a short horror story. Four friends decide to visit an old abandoned house during Halloween. There is an old ghost story saying that the mother in the house killed the entire family and it doesn’t take long before strange things start to happens once the kids have arrived.

If you like demons, ghosts, ghouls, and gory horror it’s well worth checking this story out. I enjoyed it, so I clicked the little star…I think that’s what’s you’re supposed to do if you like something, but I’m not sure 😀

7695771-144-k712447“I dare you to go inside the McGregger house, River,” Vivian said smirking. That’s where it all started.