Friday Short Fiction Club | Are You Coming, George?


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I think it’s time for a new #FridayReads post, it’s been a while. I jumped over to Spelk Fiction to see if I could get through a flash before it’s time to start making lunch. In the sidebar Are You Coming, George? by Adam Kluger caught my attention – yes, it was the title.


This is a short funny little conversation between George and a mysterious voice. I enjoyed each line bringing me closer to the end and it left me smiling.



Friday Short Fiction Club | Mice in the Attic

mouse-1708180_640In wait of the kids coming home from school, I hopped over to Spelk Fiction and had myself a little read – Mice in the Attic by Ann Zimmerman.

The main character’s grandfather blew a hole in the ceiling with his shotgun…to kill the mice in the attic.

One day the MC’s wife tells him there are mice in the attic and he places a trap there. He catches a mouse but the wife tells him there are more. They hardly see each other because she’s working all the time, but still she has time to complain about the mice…

I liked this, just a short flash but there is a whole lot more than mice going on.


Friday Short Fiction Club | Gooseberry


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I think it’s time to rename the Friday Short Fiction Club to the ‘any day of the week short fiction club’ or something…so a Sunday read today. I had a cup of coffee and hopped on to Spelk Fiction, and was greeted by Gooseberry by Amanda Saint.


I love a flash of insanity and Gooseberry is just that. A woman is clinging to her childhood and can’t accept that her friend has moved on. In just a few lines Ms Saint paints a picture that allows us to see the world from a slightly disturbing perspective. And if you have a stalker friend, be careful :).

If you have two minutes on your hands that you don’t know what to do with, head over there, perhaps you’ll get an urge to match your clothing with your best friend.



Friday Short Fiction Club | Breakfast, Then Death


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I feel like I start every Friday post by saying it’s Friday – but today it really is Friday. You know how it is when you can feel it in your entire body, tiredness tugging at your limbs as well as your eyelids.

When I got home from work today, that was how I felt. Hubby and I brewed us some coffee, he sat down with his guitar and I sat down in front of the computer. So with a coffee cup in hand and the kids running around playing in the background, I hopped on to Horror Scribes.

Their website is a grid of stories and interviews and in the first row, middle post I saw Breakfast, Then Death by Claire L. Smith. It sounded like a perfectly good title for a story so I clicked it.

There is a woman on a bed and a hammer in the snow, there is blood and a saucepan, and there is Death. I don’t know if enjoyed is the right word but it’s the one I’m going to use. I loved the details, the dripping and wobbly legs.

If you have a minute, maybe two to spare…if you have kids interrupting you might need five, but you won’t regret those five minutes. Head over to Horror Scribes.


Saturday Reading | Before the Storm

Changing up my schedule a bit, there was no time to either read or write a blog post yesterday so instead, I poured myself a cup of coffee, tuned out the kids as they played next to me, and found myself a flash – Before the Storm by Alex Sheal.


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This is not horror, I thought I should point that out since I most often end up there. It’s not especially happy but no blood and gore. It’s about one of those moments, the things we sometimes do simply to escape. I saw it recommended in an article and clicked the link. I’m not sorry I did.


A man meets a woman at a bar, they’re drunk and end up at her place. The imagery is amazing.

So if you have a couple of minutes to spare, head over to 3:AM Magazine (Whatever it is, they’re against it – love that slogan LOL) and read it.


Short Fiction Advent Calendar | A Christmas Tale

14Fourteenth already! Soon Santa will be here. If you read today’s story you might not want him to come, though. A Christmas Tale by Travis Hill is what today has to offer.

I loved this. As I started reading I was thinking ‘yeah yeah, naughty kids’ but the more I read the more captivated I got until it all ended in mix of a haha and an eww – pretty good rating I have to say LOL.

I’ve seen some of Travis’s books around but haven’t read anything before this one. I’ll keep an eye on him in the future…


The three Devlin boys are in trouble, they almost happened to set the house on fire. Getting on Santa’s naughty list might have more severe consequences than missing out on toys, though.


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Friday Short Fiction Club: Last Woman on Earth

Several times when I’ve browsed Amazon’s short fictions lists I’ve seen Last Woman on Earth by C.V Hunt. It’s been one of those I’ve often thought ‘if I don’t find anything else I’ll take that’ and then gone on searching.

Well, this week I’ve had kids coughing through the nights and figured I could use the non-sleeping time to read something but not wanting to pick up anything long. All of a sudden Last Woman on Earth seemed like a pretty good option.

Are you looking for a cheery story about a woman who finds a way to be happy in a post-apocalyptic world growing her own food and enjoying the sunshine? Then this story isn’t for you.

When you no longer want to be around it’s a curse living in a world where they’ve more or less stopped ageing. Only one option left, right?

I enjoyed it a lot, the writing is engaging, and despite there not really being any surprises I was waiting for something to maybe stop the inevitable.

512xmggjd1lWhat is there to do when you’re the last woman on the planet?