Short Fiction Advent Calendar | Hubert’s Christmas

20Today I’m cheating – big time. Behind door twenty we find Hubert’s Christmas by O Gränd – yup, that’s me.

Hubert’s Christmas is a collection of four serialised flashes/short stories and it’s free on Amazon today (and till the 23:d)

Hubert is a vampire and he roams the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. He’s hungry, really hungry, but his master doesn’t let him eat, instead, he’s supposed to dress up as Santa and let children sit on his lap in the shopping centre nearby – children smell so good, and their blood… Hubert isn’t the most strong-willed of vampires and he needs to eat sometime, right?


Hubert's Christmas CoverHubert’s existence sucks. It’s not a pleasant reality on an average day, but now he’s trapped in a cell below ground, and he’s hungry enough to fantasise about drinking his own blood—foul as it is. But being trapped and starving isn’t all. Just as he thought things couldn’t get any worse, Frank, his Maker, decides he is to dress up as Santa and work the nights in a shopping centre.




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Scrambled Grey Matter | Flash Fiction by O Gränd

I just posted a flash as part of the Sci-Fi November Challenge: Alone on wattpad.

All stories should be about a person who copes with the effects of being alone and they should not be longer than 1000 words.

Check it out!

Scrambled Grey MatterAt first, Tirth Chew-Ogi enjoyed life on Earth after all the humans died in the solar flares-apart from the stench from their rotting corpses, of course. As the weeks drag by, loneliness grabs hold of her, though. She doesn’t ask for much, a couple of active, or at least fresh enough, brains to keep her company would be enough. But where to find them?


Release Post: Murder Games

My Murder Games series is finished so I’m publishing a collection including six stories.

Murder Games is about four men killing for points. Every month they receive an envelope with a challenge. Sated in the letter is a description of the victims, where or how the bodies should be placed, if there are any extra bonuses that can be collected etc. The game leader, Vanessa Hope, is keeping score on how they perform and the results are revealed in their Facebook group.

Each story in the series is a murder challenge.

I loved writing these stories, though the frozen mermaid idea was my husband’s. I asked him about creative ways to kill someone and he suggested freezing the victims…he’s a sick, sick man LOL.

You’ll find all the Murder Games books on Amazon, they’re in KU.

MurderGamesCoverHow many murders do you need to commit to score the highest point?

Josh Ingram, Neil Preston, Derek Lynch, and Jeremy Rice have one thing in common—they all know a woman they’re willing to kill for. Vanessa Hope has put a group of players together. Each month she sends out an envelope with a challenge, the man able to perform a murder best matching her description gets the highest point.

This is a collection of six short stories in the Murder Game series.

Picture-Perfect Murder
Frozen Mermaids
Murder in the Morning
A Perfect Murder
Hell Hath No Fury
The Last Ticket


Time to get my shit together!

Creative Commons CC0

A couple of months ago, I started working after having been home with children for several years. Since then I haven’t written shit. I haven’t read much, haven’t blogged, posted on social media or done anything except working and dozing.

I haven’t been completely unproductive. I’ve moved the blog here so that has taken some time, and I have published two stories.

In June I published Hell Hath No Fury (Murder Games #5) and in July The Last Ticket (Murder Games #6). The Murder Games are now finished and I’ll start a new project, or write some standalone stories. I haven’t decided yet. It’s time to get my shit together, though.


Release Post: A Perfect Murder by O Gränd

My story is out! It’s been out for three days, but I didn’t have time to write a blog post until now. Since I started working I can’t seem to get anything done, I can’t find a few minutes to write a teeny tiny blog post. But never mind that now, A Perfect Murder (Murder Games #4) is available through KU.

In this story Vanessa finds herself in a bit of a jam, her game pieces aren’t acting according to plan, and their murders lack the artistic feel she is looking for. There is nothing left for her to do other than showing the guys how a perfect murder is supposed to be staged and executed.

Just like with the previous three tales in this short story series I had a laugh writing it, really, few thing amuse me as much as writing deranged characters. Next month I’m planning on continuing the series with another murder.

If you want to start the series from the beginning (I recommend you do) you’ll find info about Picture-Perfect Murder (Murder Games #1) here.

APerfectMurdeCoverrWhat to do when your game pieces aren’t performing as you’d planned?

Vanessa Hope deserves the world, people not realising that drives her mad. When she put together a group of players to act out the murders she wanted to see she thought they’d at least appreciate her brilliance. Turns out they’re bunch of useless men who don’t have a clue how to whip up a perfect murder.

It is like they say, if you want something done well, you have to do it yourself. She’ll show them how a real murder is supposed to be executed, and she’ll do it without littering the ground with stray corpses or getting caught.


Release Post: Murder in the Morning by O Gränd

I was a little faster to publish my story than I’d planned. I was going to time it with Picture-Perfect Murder going on its free days tomorrow but I was a little too quick to press the publish button so Murder in the Morning (Murder Games #3) is already live on Amazon.

In this third story, we get to meet Derek who is a little too fond of his whisky and cares a little too little about what’s happening around him. He’s not stupid, though. He knows murdering for points is wrong and that he should get out. He only gets more convinced of leaving the group is for the best when this month’s challenge arrives.

All the players are to perform their murders at the same location and Derek does not like the thought of that. Murder in peace and quiet in a desolate place is one thing, murder in a group of people where it’s crawling of potential eyewitnesses? Nah, that’s not the way Derek rolls. It wouldn’t be called a challenge if it wasn’t a challenge, though.

I have so much fun writing these little stories I’m not really sure what I’ll do when I’m done with them. How many deranged killers can I make up? I guess we’ll see…

MurderintheMorningCoverHow much Jack Daniels do you have to drink to get through game night?

Derek Lynch knows he should find another hobby—murdering for points really is something more fitting for younger men. But, he doesn’t have a whole lot going on, and it’s nice to get out now and then.

When this month’s challenge arrives in the letterbox, he realises more than ever that he needs to quit the game. It’s getting too dangerous. Not only are all the players supposed to perform their murders at the same location, but people he knows shows up too.

Note: This is a 20-minute read.

Release Post: Frozen Mermaids by O Gränd

I actually did publish my story on the 27th but I haven’t had time write anything about it – work’s been crazy. But here we are on the last day of the month and Frozen Mermaids (Murder Games #2) is available on Amazon.

Frozen Mermaids is the second story about the online group of murderers who each month take part in a challenge to perform a murder according to the instructions they get. They get points for how well they’re performing, and Neil Preston is a little behind. He did not like that Jigsaw won last month’s challenge, didn’t like it at all, but he is determined to win this one. Turning a woman into a mermaid shouldn’t be too hard.

FrozenMermaidsCoverHow to turn a dead woman into a mermaid?

Neil Preston is part of an online group where the members compete in performing perfect murders each month. This month’s challenge is to, as fast as possible, create a scene with a mermaid.

Neil believed he’d found the perfect victim, he believed he finally would beat all the other members, but then a black cat ran across the road and jinxed everything! Can he win the challenge despite cats, uncooperative mermaids, and old men snooping around?

Note: This is a 15-minute read