Advent Short Fiction Calendar |A Very Christmas Sweet Tooth

24For the last day, I’ve saved A Very Christmas Sweet Tooth by R.M. Huffman. Earlier this year I’ve read both Sweet Tooth and Sweet Tooth: Lord of Pies, but now it’s time for my favourite vampire psychiatrist, Dr. Pierce’s, to celebrate Christmas.

I do love these short little stories and A Very Christmas Sweet Tooth definitely had its moments my favourite still is Sweet Tooth. But, as soon as I decided to do this advent calendar I bought the Sweet Tooth Omnibus because I wanted to read this story. There will be more of Dr. Pierce in the future.

But, for now, this is it. It’s been fun doing the Short Fiction Advent Calendar despite there being a few moments of panic when I haven’t had a story read and have been forced to find something quick.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

41hz3gim6olOn Christmas Eve, Dr. Pierce admits a patient who seems to be “seeing things.” When her hallucination turns out to be real, it’s up to Pierce to deliver his own version of a Christmas miracle.



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Advent Short Fiction Calendar | Night before Christmas

23For me, it’s the night before Christmas today. In Sweden, we celebrate on Christmas Eve so what would be more fitting than reading Night before Christmas by Ash D?

I found this little story over at Horror Scribes and it’s quite an interesting piece. Every year Jimmy dresses up as Santa and lowers himself into the chimney of a house where a child is waiting for him. He loves doing it, but this year doesn’t turn out the way he’d thought it would. It all starts with him getting stuck in the chimney and it only gets worse from there.

Night before Christmas is just a short tale, I think Horror Scribes has a rule of maximum 300 words so it’s thereabout, but it’s well worth the read.


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Advent Short Fiction Calendar | Jimmy Alstrup’s Christmas

22Today I found a new site, The Gal in the Blue Mask, and last year they had a 62 days of horror Christmas Takeover event. Had I known I could just have picked 24 stories there and this advent calendar would be filled. The story I read today is called Jimmy Alstrup’s Christmas by Dev Jarrett.

Little Jimmy is playing with his Matchbox car when Ray, his mum’s boyfriend, comes home early from work. Jimmy has to wake his mum so she can cook for him. Ray then realises Jimmy’s mum hasn’t bought as many beers as he wanted and Jimmy has to go to his room and wait while Ray teaches his mum what happens when she defies him.

She’d tried to save money to be able to buy Jimmy a Christmas present. Neither of them knew he’d get a present anyway.

I enjoyed Jimmy Alstrup’s Christmas a great deal. If you have a few minutes over you should definitely check it out. The ending is quite satisfying I have to say.


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Short Fiction Advent Calendar |Christmas Wish

21Getting closer and closer to Christmas and since we all have a lot to do I thought we’d go with a short flash today – Christmas Wish by Matthew C. McLean.

Apart from the title Christmas Wish doesn’t have much to do with Christmas but it’s funny if a bit tragic and well worth a read.

A man asks the devil not to have live through the hard parts of life and the devil grants his wish.




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Short Fiction Advent Calendar | Hubert’s Christmas

20Today I’m cheating – big time. Behind door twenty we find Hubert’s Christmas by O Gränd – yup, that’s me.

Hubert’s Christmas is a collection of four serialised flashes/short stories and it’s free on Amazon today (and till the 23:d)

Hubert is a vampire and he roams the streets of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. He’s hungry, really hungry, but his master doesn’t let him eat, instead, he’s supposed to dress up as Santa and let children sit on his lap in the shopping centre nearby – children smell so good, and their blood… Hubert isn’t the most strong-willed of vampires and he needs to eat sometime, right?


Hubert's Christmas CoverHubert’s existence sucks. It’s not a pleasant reality on an average day, but now he’s trapped in a cell below ground, and he’s hungry enough to fantasise about drinking his own blood—foul as it is. But being trapped and starving isn’t all. Just as he thought things couldn’t get any worse, Frank, his Maker, decides he is to dress up as Santa and work the nights in a shopping centre.




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Short Fiction Advent Calendar | Timmy’s Little Robot

19Do you like robots? Behind door number 19 we have a short little tale about a boy who gets a robot in Christmas present. I found Timmy’s little Robot by Romina Nicolaides through Google. Sometimes you can find the most amazing things that way.

Timmy is seven and doesn’t believe in Santa anymore, but Santa sees everything, and he gives all children what they deserve.

This is rather creepy, as a Christmas horror should be. Have we started the mulled wine yet? In that case, pour yourself some and snuggle up with Timmy’s Little Robot.


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Short Fiction Advent Calendar | Eyes of the Elf

18Eighteenth already! Behind today’s door, we have a Wattpad finding. I admit to being quite bad at reading stories on Wattpad, I always tell myself I should read more, but never get to it.

Today, I did, though. Eyes of the Elf by EvantheNerd83 is a short flash about the elf coming to sit on a shelf in a girl’s room every year – checking to see if she’s good or bad.

It’s just a short tale and saying anything more about it would ruin the point, but check it out. Everything on Wattpad is free.


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